A Short Walk, 2018

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Join Studio D founder, Jan Chipchase and his local fixer on an expedition in Afghanistan's Wakhan Corridor to the Big Pamir, bounded in the South by the Hindu Kush. The journey will start and end in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, crossing the border into Afghanistan close to Khorog. Transport will be appropriate to the route and will likely include trekking, pack mules and 4WD. Accommodation will be a mix of guest houses, camping and where available, local homes. You will need to be trekking-level fit. The reward does not include flights into Tajikistan or insurance.

The name of this reward is based the 1958 book of the same name, by Eric Newby, arguably the first modern travelogue. Border crossings hold up a mirror to the soul.

Departing July 2018.

There are perceived and actual risks associated with travel to Afghanistan. How you frame, process and mitigate these risks is an integral part of the reward.

We can coordinate on the best time to travel. The most likely route-in to the Wakhan Corridor is through the Tajikistan-Afghanistan border crossing near Khorog, that is sometimes shut at short notice due to increased Taliban activity. Being at high altitude, the weather can impact the route and day-to-day progress. It is generally considered a low-risk region in Afghanistan, though of course, risk is relative. Risk assessment is carried out prior to and during travel, based on recent events, and reports from my contacts on the ground, and the journey is adjusted as required. Jan will have the final say on whether to proceed, based on current conditions. (The Field Study Handbook includes a section on the psychology of traveling and working in higher risk environments, which I suggest you read prior to departure.) For all that you might imagine can go wrong, the bigger risk lies looking back on a life half-lived.