Emotional Resilience Masterclass


  • April 27, 28, 29, 2021 | Online via Zoom | US & Canada 

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As leaders operating in challenging times, our rational decision-making capacity is compromised by any felt sensations of stress or overwhelm. This ability to respond with both courage and composure—amidst unfolding uncertainty is the mark of resilient leadership.

Resilience is the process of growth—you can either intentionally set aside time to increase your capacity, or wait for a stressful situation to knock you way out of your window of tolerance.

Whilst navigating times of heightened uncertainty, our modus operandi is to regulate our own nervous systems—both so that we're capable of coherent and high-level decision making whilst maintaining the emotional agility and bandwidth to hold space for our teams as they also manoeuvre through challenging scenarios without burning themselves out.

The bottlenecks to growth aren't—as we might imagine, technology—but the human challenge of regulating our emotions and relationships. The highest-leverage use of our time as leaders is to invest in ourselves by upgrading our mental toolkits and cultivating higher degrees of embodied self-awareness.

It’s common to hear that we should learn to be resilient, yet far from being an innate character trait, this 'adaptive capacity' is a skill that must be practised and requires permission to invest time into cultivating it.

This alchemy of turning challenging setbacks into fuel for both personal & professional growth is why many of us do the work we do.

If you wish to contribute to the corpus of knowledge on emotional resilience, please complete this Emotional Resilience in Leadership Survey. All findings are anonymised and are used to contribute to the wisdom of our community.


  1. Building Your Resilience Toolkit
  2. Energy Management Rituals
  3. Support Structure For Remote Leaders


As leaders, we have a responsibility to regulate our own emotions and to manage our stress so that we're best able to support our teams through challenging scenarios.

This masterclass will explore the fundamentals of emotional resilience in leadership—sharing daily practices that cultivate a sense of grounding in a time of groundlessness.

The focus of this module will explore the question: Given current time constraints and stressors—what habits and rituals can be cultivated to cope with adversity in challenging times?

We will open the masterclass with a group discussion around shared sources of stress as leaders—asking how some can be re-framed or solved and how these anxious sensations arise somatically in the body along with a short guided meditation to practice radical enquiry.

This will be followed by a framework on the distinction between resilience vs. tolerance—how gritting our teeth may enable us to cope in the short-term, but without emotional regulation, these can accumulate and lead to burnout during challenging times.

The main thrust of the session will be focussed around designing your emotional resilience toolkit—cultivating tactical resilience-building techniques including micro-meditations and two-minute breath-work practices that regulate your stress response & fortify your decision-making capacity.

Finally, we'll explore ways in which these toolkits and practices can be shared with your teams and create the foundations for resilient team culture.


  • Learn how to self-regulate your emotions and scale yourself as a leader.
  • Develop practices for cultivating equanimity and calm
  • Learn from fellow leaders facing similar challenges
  • Avoid burnout amidst stressful situations and operate within your window of tolerance
  • Begin building a framework for designing your emotional resilience toolkit
  • Access to leadership resilience resources to share and invite a conversation with your team


The first session will cover the foundations of energy management—opening with an audit on your 'operating modes' as leaders—and working with a framework of the ‘six hats of resilience’.

The latter half of the session focuses on a meditation round table discussion and exercise to build your personal leadership user manual—which will be available for you to access as a mobile app following the workshop.


  • Learn how to regulate your nervous system to build greater capacity to hold space for team members who may be struggling with stress and anxiety.
  • Build a consistent mindfulness practice—tackling common barriers to meditation and working with the concept of 'hedonic calendaring' for training flow state
  • Learn two micro-breathwork practices for calming anxiety and building energy, used by both monks and Navy Seals for nervous system regulation.
  • Understand principles of environment design: creating rituals that are conducive to focus in order to carve out more cognitive headspace for high-level strategic output.


The session will open with a discussion around how to build your own support structures for those in a position of leadership—exploring some of the challenges entailed in managing remote teams, the dangers of buying into the lone wolf myth, challenges entailed in working remotely and why peer support groups are necessary in times of instability.

The latter half of this module will share a hands-on playbook to create a remote peer support group for fellow leaders and their teams. We will discuss principles for creating meaningful connections in virtual environments.


  • Learn principles of leadership scaffolding
  • Enquire into your capacity to both ask and receive support
  • Practice your capacity for facilitating meaningful connection in virtual environments
  • Leave with a playbook for creating your own leadership support group


The masterclass is for startup founders and team leaders who operating at the edge of their current capacity and looking for tools to both cope with adversity in challenging times and foster a culture of resilience in their teams. Previous attendees have hailed from Slack, Google, Salesforce and Harvard Business School.


The masterclass will be delivered via remotely via Zoom with an intimate group of fellow leaders, combining resilience frameworks, hands-on break out activities—as well as allocated time for emergent conversations drawing on collective wisdom of the participants and receiving feedback on personal challenges arising in real-time.


The event is lead by Jonny Miller, cofounder of Maptia, and the founder of the Curious Leaders Academy.

Jonny is an advisor to Studio D, helping our teams become more resilient as we navigate challenging environments.