Focus / Takigahara - 2018

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A three day retreat hosted by Jan Chipchase and Craig Mod Focus / Takigahara will take place in the lush foothills of the Ishikawa Prefecture, shouldered by rich agricultural lands and rolling mountains dotted by ancient hot springs. 

The theme of the retreat is: side projects.

Mornings will be structured sessions, the afternoons are open for long conversations and walks, and evenings will be spent in lively conversation over great drinks and good Japanese food. Seasonal, locally grown produce and fresh-picked herbal teas.

Attendees are encouraged to share their own projects.

We’d love it if a year from now you are able to look back and recognise: this gathering has helped shaped who you are, and was a catalyst for a creative project you otherwise wouldn’t have taken on.


3 - 6th September 2018 (3 nights)


The retreat takes place in the town of Takigahara, in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. We’ve commandeered a large, refurbished farmhouse for our private use. 


Space is limited to 14 attendees.

We also offer two scholarships for local attendees. 


The farmhouse is a leisurely four hour commute from either Tokyo or Kyoto. The journey provides enough time to get into the right head-space to make the most of your time.

Takigahara is nestled between the sea of Japan and the sacred Mount Haku, considered one of Japan's Three Holy Mountains. Nearby is the ancient Nataderu Temple of nature worship, set amongst hand carved meditation caves and stairs, with jasper and agate stepping stones that allude to the region's mineral-rich earth.

Moss House, banquet venue

Our banquet venue, Moss House, above.


The retreat includes:

  • Three days of informing and inspiring talks and walks

  • Accommodation in a refurbished farmhouse with shared bedrooms

  • Breakfast and dinners, plus a banquet dinner on the last evening (lunches will be up to the discretion of attendees in town)

We will also offer a scholarship for a local attendee whose work deserves a wider audience.

Excluded in cost: Travel to Japan/Takigahara, lunch, alcohol. We don't offer refunds, but you're welcome to pass your ticket onto someone you know.

Moss House Shrine


We’ll operate popup studio style accommodation. This means we’ll take in turns to cook breakfast and dinner, except for the banquet (held in a special, separate venue) on the second night.

Sleeping arrangements are ryokan style — futons atop tatami flooring — with the attendees sharing five rooms. 

Sessions will be in English, with some Japanese translation, if required. For newcomers to Japan, we’ll provide ample instructions on how to get there.

For those that wish to extend their trip, we can recommend great multi-day hikes, mediation in local temples, crafts, and other adventures around Japan.

Tickets are non-refundable. If you have a booking and can’t make it, we’ll be happy to help you find someone to buy your ticket.

Reach out if you have any questions.


We’re designers and entrepreneurs, we love nature (especially mountains), and have come to appreciate that sometimes the most meaningful way to learn and move forward is to disconnect and surround yourself with interesting people doing interesting things. Even better if you can do so in a unique, relaxed environment.

Hope to see you at Focus / Takigahara.

—Jan & Craig