Rapid Piloting Fundamentals, Masterclass


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Numerous tools and approaches to refine products and services exist as part of a healthy design practice. Prototyping and evaluative methods often fall short in providing actionable data and instilling the confidence needed to introduce new, innovative products and services. 

This masterclass will reveal how to rapidly run cost-effective product and service pilots in fast-paced corporate and start-up environments, including best practices for identifying what to pilot and when. You will learn how to compile evidence from real behavioral responses, and how to use this data to build operational and financial models that resonate across the organisation. 


The workshop combines focused talks, hands-on activities and group discussion, with plenty of unique support material. Each workshop is limited to twenty attendees.


You’ll learn:

  • When to use rapid piloting versus prototyping, and other evaluative methods.
  • How to  create pilots that resonate across the entire organisation including product, operations, finance, legal/compliance, sales and marketing.
  • The seven prerequisites to run a successful pilot, including organisational appetite for risk.
  • Whom to hire and engage on a piloting team.
  • To define aims & outcomes and create a pilot plan for optimal organisational buy-in.
  • Tools and best practice.
  • The optimal balance between fidelity and believability.
  • How to manage and coordinate pilots across both digital and analog touchpoints.
  • Effective sandboxing to protect and nurture the pilot through to completion.
  • Principles and processes for staying nimble in fast paced, high pressure environments.
  • Documenting lessons learned from successful and failed pilots into the organisation.
  • Generate financial and behavioral evidence on which business decisions can be made by executives and the C-suite.


    • Create executive demand for measured, regular piloting of new products and services in real market conditions.
    • Challenge institutional biases and reveal blindspots.
    • Bring conversations about customers, their needs and actions front and center to better contextualize decisions.
    • Drive cross-functional alignment during the fuzzy stages of new product innovation.
    • Build an organisational vocabulary to articulate risks and assumptions  versus hypotheses, to create a clear roadmap and decision tree.
    • Push your design  team closer to the practices and mindset of other organisational functions, and the customers they serve.
    • Upskill  your design and product teams with a practical understanding of how to build financial and operational implementation plans from pilot data.


    Rapid Piloting one-day masterclasses are for practitioners looking to introduce and grow structured test-to-learn-to-launch pilots into their organisation. Attendees will build baseline skills for delivering, measuring and scaling effective pilots that drive organisational decision-making.


    Lauren Serota has worked at the forefront of product and design for over a decade. 

    Most recently she established a product team and new concept lab as Head of Service Design for Yoma Bank, Myanmar. She previously lead projects as Design Director for Studio D Radiodurans across a range of challenging environments, supported the formation of Proximity Labs—the R&D group of Proximity Designs, and was lead Design Coach for Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Government Innovation program.