Rapid Piloting

Rapid Piloting one-day masterclasses are for practitioners looking to introduce structured test-to-learn-to-launch practices into their organization. Attendees will build baseline skills for delivering, measuring and scaling effective pilots that drive organisational decision-making. 

In 2020, we’re offering two complimentary masterclasses, detailed below.

Rapid Piloting Advanced Masterclass

Rapid Piloting Fundamentals Masterclass

For practitioners, managers and organisations that are looking to develop  pilots to refine and accelerate bringing products to market. 

Rapid Piloting Advanced Masterclass

For practitioners, managers and organisations that are looking to take their piloting practice to the next level.

This masterclass is currently only available for in-house masterclasses. To book, contact us.

When to use rapid piloting versus prototyping, and other evaluative methods.

How to create a pilot that resonates across the entire organisation including product, operations, finance, legal/compliance, sales and marketing.

The seven prerequisites to run a successful pilot, for example ascertaining organisational appetite for risk.

Striking the optimal balance between fidelity and believability.

Planning & preparing a pilot, including whom to hire and engage.

Tools and best practice  to manage and coordinate across digital and analog touchpoints.

Effective sandboxing to protect and nurture the pilot through to completion.

Principles and processes for staying nimble in fast paced, high pressure environments.
Challenge institutional biases and reveal blindspots.

Avoid the costly mistakes of immature prototypes or—at the other end of the spectrum—a premature launch.

Generate financial and behavioural evidence on which business decisions can be made by executives and the C-suite.

Build  a dedicated piloting team as part of a product, research, strategy or innovation practice.

Create structures to build competence with cross-organisation functions such as business intelligence, compliance, marketing, communications, product, finance / sales, and development.

Cultural impediments to piloting, and how to overcome them.

Ownership structure and KPIs for effective use of pilots .

Effectively manage regulatory constraints.
When and how to effectively scale (or sunset) a pilot.

Synthesise pilot outputs and effective reporting.

Build and leverage customer databases.

Develop a cross-organisational Go To Market strategy for successful pilots.