Studio D Grant


UPDATE: We've selected the grantee

To celebrate the launch of The Field Study Handbook, Studio D is offering a research grant of up to $8,000USD, for field research into edge-of-grid and off-grid communities. The applicant is expected to travel to, and spend time in a target community for at least a month, from the Pamirs of Tajikistan to the rainforests of Brazil.

We're interested in what these remote communities, can teach us about resilience, connectivity, society, and ultimately ourselves.

In addition, the winning applicant will receive project mentorship from Studio D founder, Jan Chipchase, and a pass for Field / Sichuan (Sept) or Field / Yoshino (Oct).

The application is open to all-comers, though we favour those with at least five years professional experience in a medium to large creative consultancy, or an established journalist/writer looking to stretch their skillset.

The winning candidate will be expected to complete the research within nine months of receiving the grant. The final deliverable will be a written/visual report and other assets. The studio runs multiple international field work projects each year, and there may be work opportunities post-project.


The application deadline is August 4th 2017.

The winning applicant will be notified by late September 2017.

The project will be delivered by December 2018.


There are limited opportunities to fully disconnect from the internet, social media for any length of time, but this is one of them. While we intend to make the deliverable public as a Studio D report, the project will be carried out under NDA, prior to deciding what to put in the public domain.

A year after completion, Studio D wants to be running follow-up projects in that community.

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Applications are now closed