Designing for Resource Constrained Communities, Masterclass

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The two-day Designing for Resource Constrained Communities Masterclass is for anyone creating products and services that target "next billion" and other resource constrained consumers. 

The Masterclass builds on over a decade of commercial, government, non-profit and start-up projects by Studio D Founder Jan Chipchase, spanning markets such as China, India, Russia, Indonesia, Brazil, Nigeria, the United States and Afghanistan.

At Studio D, we believe that the resource-constrained can least afford poorly designed products and services, and that good insights and the right approach can unlock considerable potential.

Through talks, hands-on exercises and discussion, the Masterclass will reveal how Studio D:

  • understand and reframe opportunities
  • tailor our processes to different cultures and geographies
  • conduct culturally appropriate ethical research, prototyping, testing and other activities, anywhere in the world, often under very difficult circumstances 
  • build, train and manage international and trusted local teams to ensure the work is physically and emotionally sustainable
  • generate deliverables that inform and inspire colleagues and the organisation at large
  • build out long term networks to support future projects 


The Masterclass is hosted in the Kyrgyz border town of Sary Tash. The nearest airport is in Osh, Kyrgyzstan. 


The Masterclass takes place on the 16th and 17th of July, 2019It is timed to dovetail with the Pamirs Expedition.

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The add-on option is for people that are also attending the Pamirs Expedition.

All payments are non-refundable. You are welcome to transfer tickets to another person.

About Studio D

Studio D provides discreet international research, design and strategy services to multinational clients with a global remit.

We use human centered design, remote sensing, rapid calibration and many other established and experimental techniques to document and decipher human motivation. Our projects impact strategy, design, public policy, community engagement, partnership models and brands. Most of our projects are for Fortune 100 clients, although we also work with startups, government agencies, and non profit organisations.

Our team have experience of running field projects in Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Somalia, Myanmar, Bolivia as well as more established consumer hotspots including China, Brazil, India, Japan and the US.

We manufacture ultra light field equipment. Our imprint Field Institute is best known for The Field Study Handbook, and we operate our global network of unusual talent through The Fixer List.

We run projects that challenge minds and flutter hearts.