Emotional Resilience, Masterclass

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We believe that more resilient humans make better leaders. As founders of high growth startups and leaders of fast paced teams, we can be both our company’s greatest asset and its weakest link. 

The knock-on effects of neglecting wellbeing leads to team attrition, stunts growth potential and increases the likelihood of failure. 

The costs of burnout are extreme—both to the individuals themselves and to the bottom line. Symptoms include insomnia, anxiety, feeling overwhelmed and exhaustion. 

It can be lonely at the top, but it doesn’t need to be. Investing in your own resilience and self-awareness helps mitigate burnout and, through better focus, improves your capacity to execute. 

For the Emotional Resilience masterclass, we’ve put together a curriculum to help founders and leaders thrive under stressful conditions. You will leave this masterclass with a deeper confidence in your capacity to take on greater challenges and bounce back from whatever curveballs are thrown your way. 

It includes resilience frameworks, techniques for staying centered and focussed, and—recognising how busy you are—a flexible toolkit that can be applied to a wide range contexts.

It takes courage to start this conversation. The rewards come to those who are willing to step up and work on themselves.

If you wish to contribute to the corpus of knowledge on emotional resilience, please complete this Emotional Resilience in Leadership Survey. All findings are anonymised, and are used to contribute to the wisdom of our community.


The masterclass combines in-depth talks, hands-on activities, group exploration and plenty of unique support material. 


This masterclass will explore the fundamentals of emotional resilience, through a balance of understanding, experiencing and integrating resilience practices into your day.

We will reveal the traits that separate resilient leaders from those who are prone to experience burnout. Learn how to build neuroplasticity for becoming less reactive in stressful scenarios.

We will also expand your capacity for confronting fears, and identify avoidance strategies that may be holding you back.

The day includes plenty of case studies of resilient founders; exploring what separates their daily routines and mindset from those more prone to burn out. We’ll also share simple resilience-building techniques including micro-meditations and two minute breathworks that shift your nervous system out of fight flight into a state of calm.

You'll leave knowing how to remain centred in challenging environments, hold space for your team and embrace your leadership potential.


  • Understand the difference between recovery and resilience strategies and how to integrate these into a busy calendar.
  • Develop your emotional quotient (EQ), somatic awareness and capacity for cultivating calm in stressful scenarios.
  • Identify subconscious triggers that lead to being emotionally overwhelmed.
  • Understand and avoid imposter syndrome, limiting beliefs, fixed mindset and common tendencies that pave the highway to burnout.
  • Learn actionable strategies for emotional regulation and how to mine difficult experiences for insight and enhanced self-awareness.
  • Effectively show up as a leader who consistently invites the best from your team and inspires them to prioritise their own physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.


The masterclass is for startup founders, business owners and team leaders operating in stressful environments, who recognise that scaling their impact and reaching their leadership potential, requires investing in themselves.


The event is lead by Jonny Miller, cofounder of Maptia, and the founder of the Curious Leaders Academy.

Jonny is an advisor to Studio D, helping our teams become more resilient as we navigate challenging environments.