Field Study Fundamentals, Masterclass

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Module 1: Setting Up For Success

Module 2: Fieldwork Dynamics

This two-day session will be run online via Zoom on Eastern Time (US & Canada). If you live in a different region, be sure to look up your meeting time. 

The masterclass combines focused talks, hands-on activities, and group discussion, with unique support material. Access details will be emailed shortly before the event after sign-up.

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Field research operates with a single goal: To better understand the world.

While ethnographic data, quantitative data, and analytics provide insights into what people do and how, only well run ethnographic research can reveal why people behave as they do. Understanding why is fundamental to have an impact on product, design, brand, strategy, policy and communications.

At Studio D, we believe a project and organization is only as good as the data it ingests. Our approach to field research advances the craft in several ways: from how we build and interact with local teams, to structuring live/work spaces that are optimised for teams, to embracing the ethical issues at the front lines of data collection.


  1. Setting Up For Success
  2. Fieldwork Dynamics


This module introduces Studio D’s approach to running exemplary international field study projects to inspire and inform teams and organisations. 


  • Logistics and planning
  • Risk assessment
  • Priming the team for field work travel
  • Effective cross-cultural team dynamics
  • Identifying and mitigating cultural and cognitive biases
  • The evolution of understanding from hypothesis to impact
  • Recruiting strategies
  • Remote sensing


    How to ensure your team can hit the ground running wherever in the world they are tasked with running research? How to bring the best out of your international and local team members on fast paced and challenging projects?


    • Setting up and running popup studios
    • Working with cross-cultural teams
    • Rapid calibration techniques
    • Ensuring the optimal mix of data
    • Maintaining data integrity
    • Managing clients and the organisation
    • Ethics
    • Team and client psychology


    The masterclass will be delivered via Zoom video conferencing with hands-on break out activities—as well as allocated time for conversations drawing on collective wisdom of the participants.


    The workshop is for anyone creating products and services for an international audience, including: designers, researchers, insights and innovation teams, in agencies, in-house, local and central government.


    The Field Study Fundamentals Masterclass is lead by Jan Chipchase, the founder of Studio D and the author of The Field Study Handbook. He has applied research to product, strategy, brand and communications for twenty years.

    Studio D 
    provides discreet research, design and strategy projects for commercial clients with a global remit. He previously founded and built the global research operations practice at frog design, across eight global studios, and started his career in Nokia, where he became Principal Scientist in the Tokyo Research Laboratory.


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