Focus / Hida - 2017

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A three day retreat hosted by Jan Chipchase and Craig Mod. Focus / Hida takes place deep in Japan’s timber country, surrounded by lush cedar forests, and mountain melt rivers under big skies.

The theme of the retreat is: creative projects.

Mornings will be structured sessions, the afternoons are open for long conversations and walks, and evenings will be spent in lively conversation over great sake and Japanese meals.

Attendees are encouraged to share their own projects.

We’d love it if a year from now you are able to look back and recognise: this gathering has helped shaped who you are, and was a catalyst for a creative project you otherwise wouldn’t have taken on.


25 - 28 October 2017 (3 nights)


We’re both designers and entrepreneurs, we love nature (especially mountains), and have come to appreciate that sometimes the most meaningful way to learn and move forward is to disconnect and surround yourself with interesting people doing interesting things. Even better if you can do so in a unique, relaxed environment.

Hope to see you at Focus / Hida,

—Jan & Craig