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Framework Darwinism Masterclass | Oct 18

Framework Darwinism Masterclass | Oct 18

October 18, 2023
UTC 6:00 am - UTC 9:00 am
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APAC & Europe friendly timezones:

  • UTC 6:00-9:00
  • London 7:00-10:00
  • Singapore 14:00-17:00
  • Tokyo 15:00-18:00
  • Melbourne 17:00-20:00

Be sure to check the time for your location.


Frameworks are often the most visible manifestation of a teams understanding and are assumed by client's and audiences to embody a disproportionate amount of project value. Optimal frameworks reframe and refocus the audiences attention as part of a larger narrative. Sub-optimal frameworks distract the team and audience and undermine confidence in other deliverables.

The time pressures of fast-paced corporate projects often lead to framework generation being a last-minute activity, resulting in sub-optimal, immature, and inappropriate frameworks. There is a better way. 


Framework Darwinism is the Studio D approach to generating conceptual and evidence-based frameworks to inform and inspire organisations. We’ve refined this process over dozens of client projects to ensure that it works in online/offline environments, with in-person and remote teams. 

The approach covers:

  • The role of frameworks and how their purpose changes over the course of a single project
  • Identifying team knowledge and skill gaps for optimal framework generation
  • Surfacing frameworks, tracking their evolution over time
  • Identifying the optimal framework format for the subject matter and audience
  • Bias identification and mitigation
  • Stress-test evidence supportive frameworks
  • Build a framework portfolio to drive organisational narratives


After attending this Masterclass attendees will be equipped to:

  • Apply insights to generate a rich portfolio of conceptual and data frameworks
  • Identity and address gaps in team skills and knowledge
  • Identify and address the major biases associated with framework generation
  • Build a framework stress-testing protocol into a project 
  • Generate team and client buy-in


        The session will be delivered via Zoom video conferencing with hands-on break out activities—as well as allocated time for conversations drawing on collective wisdom of the participants.

        WHO IS THIS FOR?

        This session is for anyone who is responsible for the systematic collection and organisation of data, to inform and inspire how organisations think and act. This includes designers, strategists, researchers and a wide range of corporate functions.


        The Masterclass is lead by Jan Chipchase, the founder of Studio D, the author of The Field Study Handbook the definitive guide to running international research projects. His next book is about how people and organisations think and act.

        Studio D provides discreet research, design and strategy projects for commercial clients with a global remit. He previously founded and built the global research operations practice at frog design, across eight global studios, and started his career in Nokia, where he became Principal Scientist in the Tokyo Research Laboratory.


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