Research Operations, Advanced Masterclass

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The Research Operations Advanced Masterclass builds on the fundamentals to reveal how to step up your operational game and play across an organisation with committed resources and bold moves to ensure the lasting impact of research.

Research Operations masterclasses are for practitioners looking to build a qualitative research practice that is ethical, efficient, impactful and scalable.

This masterclass complements the Research Operations Fundamentals Masterclass.


Sessions are highly interactive and draw on the hosts and attendees’ experience of delivering research operations for corporate, start-up, nonprofit and government clients. Mornings are focused sessions; afternoons include immersive activities. 


You'll learn:

  • How to develop a solid operational strategy you can confidently sell up to gain resources, and confidently deliver on. 
  • What it takes to become indispensable to the wider organisation.
  • Scaling research operations to support and match the growth and adoption of research.
  • How to be an excellent partner with close operational allies; learn the language of legal, procurement, human resources and more.
  • Gain confidence in operating research teams beyond the organisation’s comfort zone.
  • External communications and positioning the organisation.
  • Know the challenges, opportunities and quirks in managing a team across time zones and cultures.
  • Researchers are your customers: how to empower and bring out the best in researchers.
  • Cross border-legal jurisdictional issues esp data/privacy.


  • Gain new focus and confidence in how to deliver a world-class research practice that’s ethical, efficient, impactful and scalable.
  • Emerge with a pragmatic plan on how to deliver research operations to scale the impact of your research organisation or practice.
  • Know that your operational ‘promises’ are realistic, deliverable and well-placed, considering your current and projected resources.  
  • Clear the way for researchers to do what they do best - research.
  • Understand how to reduce operational friction resulting in cost savings, staff retention and more efficient delivery.
  • Avoid common operational pitfalls.


The Research Operations Advanced Masterclass is for practitioners tasked with growing a qualitative research team and responsible for measuring impact, including managers and heads of research, operations, design and marketing—all the functions that research touches.


Kate Towsey has specialised in Research Operations for nine years and has been instrumental in growing and shaping the emerging practice globally. In 2018, she founded the ResearchOps Community Slack channel (now 4000 people) and currently curates a members-only community of operations practitioners. Kate regularly consults for large organisations on topics including research labs, participant recruitment, data governance strategies and research communications. She currently lives in Sydney where she manages a global team delivering Research Operations for Atlassian.