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Fixer Template Kit, Ultra Edition

Fixer Template Kit, Ultra Edition

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The essential collection of digital field templates for professionals looking to identify, remotely screen, hire, and work alongside fixers and guides. Compliments The Little Book Of Fixers.

There are two parts to the Fixer Template Kit:

  • 31 templates, forms and exercises
  • A 57-page booklet on making the most of the templates

Covering the field study process that engages fixers and guides including:

  • Planning
  • In-field
  • Post-field

Fixers and guides are core to the way we operate—to complement the skills and address the weaknesses of international teams tasked with documenting and decoding cultures across the globe. Fixers and guides are crucial for knowing the best neighbourhood for the team to be situated, recruiting suitable participants, identifying nascent be- haviours and critically discussing the trajectories that put the data into a broader societal perspective. Working with fixers enables research projects to go beyond the veneer of a culture, to truly understand the forces shaping society.

Please note this is a digital-only kit. Ideal for practitioners who do not yet own the Field Study Template Kit.

License for up to 20 employees.

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