Report: Always Moving, Always Sharing

An exploration of mobile money practices in Somaliland.

Download the report (14MB)


A lack of international investment has enabled Somaliland to nurture, from the ground up, a locally unique and broadly successful mobile-money ecosystem. Spurred by zero commissions and a distinct lack of convenient alternatives, Telesom’s Zaad and Somtel’s e-Dahab are enabling new mobile money practices and behaviours that will reverberate well beyond its borders. 

The following report, commissioned by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, puts the adoption of mobile money into a social, economic and cultural perspective. Reading this report you’ll better understand:

  • The rapid rate of adoption
  • The disparity between formal growth rate and what is happening on the ground
  • What it will take to have broad impact on financial inclusion
  • The challenges ahead

Note: This report was commissioned, and research completed, in mid-2015. Recent changes in the financial landscape are therefore not reflected in our findings.