In the past two years we've trained over 1,000 people from some of the world's most successful and interesting organisations, drawn to our unique professional experience, content and robust community. 

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March 19 Wellington Sensemaking For Impact

March 23  San Francisco Field Study Fundamentals

March 24 San Francisco | Sensemaking For Impact

March 25 San Francisco Operating in Challenging Environments, Fundamentals

March 26 San Francisco Operating in Challenging Environments, Advanced Ops

March 27 San Francisco Emotional Resilience

March 30 Toronto Field Study Fundamentals

March 31 Toronto | Sensemaking For Impact

April 2 New York City | Sensemaking For Impact

April 3 New York City  | Field Study Fundamentals SOLD OUT

April 6 MunichSensemaking For Impact

April 9 London | Sensemaking For Impact

April 13 Mumbai | Field Study Fundamentals

April 14 Mumbai | Sensemaking For Impact

April 16 Bengaluru | Field Study Fundamentals

April 17 BengaluruSensemaking For Impact

April 20 Singapore | Field Study Fundamentals

April 21 Singapore | Sensemaking For Impact

April 22 Singapore | Emotional Resilience

April 23 Singapore | Operating in Challenging Environments, Fundamentals

April 24 Singapore | Operating in Challenging Environments, Advanced Ops

May 15 San Francisco  | Rapid Piloting Fundamentals

May 21 San Francisco  | Research Operations Fundamentals

May 22 San Francisco | Research Operations Advanced

September 25 LondonEmotional Resilience

October 8 Singapore | Research Operations Fundamentals

October 9 Singapore | Research Operations Advanced

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