Studio D provides discreet international research, design and strategy services to multinational clients with a global remit.

Since 2013 we've worked with many of the world's leading organisations to help them understand entrenched and emerging behaviours, identify threats and opportunities, and translate these into actionable outcomes. Our client projects have impacted the world at-scale including: new products, services, and features, comms & legal strategies, community engagement and partnership models. 

We specialise in running challenging cross-cultural projects, in both mainstream and less-frequented markets, and in mitigating the unintended (or poorly thought-out) harms caused by the introduction of technologies. 

To support our community we publish books, provide fellowships, conduct months-long experiments, and run masterclasses, retreats and expeditions. There's nothing quite like being with a team on a high altitude mountain to throw a harsh light on who you think you are, and to provide a glimmer of who you might become.

Our ~monthly Radar mailing provides shares what we consider to be interesting and why.

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