Framework Darwinism Masterclass

Framework Darwinism Masterclass

Frameworks are often the most visible manifestation of a team’s understanding and are assumed by client's and audiences to embody a disproportionate amount of project value. Optimal frameworks reframe and refocus the audiences attention as part of a larger narrative. Sub-optimal frameworks distract the team and audience and undermine confidence in other deliverables. We cover the two broad categories of framework: data driven and conceptual (more context here). 

The time pressures of fast-paced corporate projects often lead to framework generation being a last-minute activity, resulting in sub-optimal, immature, and inappropriate frameworks. There is a better way.



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Framework Darwinism is the Studio D approach to generating conceptual. evidence-based and data-driven frameworks to inform and inspire organisations. We’ve refined this process over dozens of client projects to ensure that it works in online/offline environments, with in-person and remote teams. 

We will systematically unpack:

  • the role of frameworks and how their purpose changes over the course of a single project,
  • identifying team knowledge and skill gaps for optimal framework generation,
  • surfacing frameworks, tracking their evolution over time,
  • identifying the optimal framework format for the subject matter and audience,
  • bias identification and mitigation,
  • stress-testing frameworks, and,
  • how to build a framework portfolio to drive organisational engagement and action.
Framework Portfolio
FIGURE 1Building a framework portfolio


    Practical outcomes include how to:

    • apply insights to generate a compelling portfolio of conceptual and data-driven frameworks,
    • identity and address gaps in team skills and knowledge,
    • identify and mitigate the major biases associated with framework generation,
    • build a framework stress-testing protocol into a project,
    • understand the trade-offs required to build a strong framework portfolio, and,
    • generate team and client buy-in.

              A digital certificate of course completion is available on request. 


              WHO IS THIS FOR?

              The workshop is for anyone creating products and services for an international audience, including: designers, researchers, insights and innovation teams, in agencies, in-house, local and central government.


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