Reflecting Forward Fellowship


Every year Studio D provides a Reflecting Forward fellowship for up to ten people. 

This includes:

  • 1:1 calls with Studio D founder, Jan Chipchase, scheduled over the course of the year. Successful applicants can cue up an agreed number of calls at any time between February and November.
  • Potential other opportunities, based on what is happening that year.

We prioritise applicants from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, genders and domains—as a reflection of how we operate as a studio.

Prior Applicants

Past successful applicants are typically:

  • five or more years intensively practicing in a specific domain—often from research, design, strategy, operations, communications, and international development backgrounds,
  • working in medium to large organisations, and/or looking to start their own company,
  • working internationally, or providing products/services for international markets,
  • wanting to start or already devoting time to a meaningful side projects, that shows where your passions lie, and that you're willing to apply yourself,
  • self-aware

What is covered on the calls?

Fellows choose what topics to cover based on their requirements. Past conversations have covered a wide range of topics, framed by career- and life-goals, with the option of Studio D frameworks for achieving these.

Conversations are kept strictly confidential. 

To apply

Applications can be made at any time until November 15th for inclusion in the next year's cohort.

To apply, complete this form.

When will I know if my application is successful?

Applicants are notified in late-January/early February to the status of the application. 

Due to the high number of applicants—between 130-200 in a given year—we do not provide feedback on unsuccessful applications, sorry.

Applicants are welcome to apply in multiple years.

Best of luck.



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