Sensemaking For Impact Masterclass

In a world of unlimited content and opinion, how to cut through the noise to deliver field research that inspires and informs? What are the attributes of successful deliverables? 

There are numerous challenges to address these questions. Whilst evolutionary change has been a constant, with Generative AI are now entering a paradigm shift in how organisations collect, make sense of, share and consume information. Even without this shift, research is sometimes considered theatre—used to confirm pre-conceived notions of what should be, rather than prudently exploring what might be.

This masterclass unpacks many of the sensemaking concepts covered in The Field Study Handbook, and draws on recent research and changes in organisational sensemaking including Generative AI and other computational processes.


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    We will systematically unpack:

    • how and why we built the Studio D approach to sensemaking, the trade-offs we considered, the pros and cons of other approaches,
    • the diverse challenges faced by attendees and other organisations—drawing on an extensive and unique corpus of organisational insight,
    • how Studio D frames and mitigates these challenges,
    • how, when and why to go beyond traditional project deliverables, and,
    • how information flows through an organisation, what engagement and calls to action mean in practice.


        Practical outcomes include how to:

        • build an optimal team sensemaking culture,
        • identify and address the most common sensemaking challenges, including biases and emerging threats/opportunities from Generative AI and other computational processes,
        • learning how to effectively apply sensemaking at every stage of the research process,
        • tips to stay on top of large volumes of data,
        • identify an optimal ratio between data collection, sensemaking and applying what is learned,
        • understand data metabolism, and its impact on research adoption,
        • smoothly transition from data collection to reporting,
        • engage with media and other external audiences,
        • condense this process into sensemaking principles that you can apply to your own work.

                  A digital certificate of course completion is available on request. 

                  WHO IS THIS FOR?

                  The workshop is for anyone creating products and services for an international audience, including: designers, researchers, insights and innovation teams, in agencies, in-house, local and central government.


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