Strategic Narratives Masterclass

Strategic narratives are present at all levels of an organisation, whether overarching stories told by executives to align around a common purpose and goals, teams fighting to gain traction for project deliverables, or individuals positioning themselves as a valued asset. They recognise that storytelling is inherent to how humans communicate and make sense of the world.

However, the storytelling landscape is constantly changing with new technologies and behavioural norms, meaning that we can no-longer rely on what worked before. Generative AI is accelerating these changes, pushing us into a new paradigm shift with resulting threats and opportunities to how organisations currently operate.

This timely masterclass explores the world of strategic narratives: from underlying storytelling fundamentals to the principles that will enable you to understand and take advantage of tools, processes and behaviors that are starting to emerge.

The three-hour session includes practical hands-on exercises to unpack and generate an organisational narrative, more effectively position and communicate project deliverables, and to cement yourself and your team as indispensable the organisation.

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    We will systematically unpack:

    • the fundamentals of good storytelling,
    • the types of narrative that occur each layer of the organisation,
    • what makes a narrative strategic,
    • how to develop a strategic narrative for yourself, your team, business unit or organisation,
    • how to recognise and mitigate the common biases and limitations in many narratives,
    • when to inform, support or challenge the prevailing narratives,
    • the challenges of storytelling in the face of remediation and generative AI, and,
    • frameworks to help you assess how stories are told and consumed.
    Strategic Narratives—what we'll cover


      Practical outcomes include how to:

      • identify and assess the prevailing narratives across different strata of an organisation—the underlying currents that affect how organisations think and what they do,
      • understand the fundamentals of what makes a strong narrative,
      • generate a compelling narrative to effect decision making and drive action for yourself, your team, project deliverables, and your organisation, and,
      • position you to take advantage of changes triggered by generative AI and paradigm-shifting trends.

      A digital certificate of course completion is available on request. 


      This masterclass provides practical insight for anyone that wants to affect how organisations think, and make decisions, from executives tasked with developing a strategic narratives, to project teams looking to better communicate project deliverables.


      The Masterclass is run by Studio D founder Jan Chipchase. Studio D provides strategic consultancy services to organisations with a global remit.

      His research has been integral to the strategic narratives of a number of global organisations, and has also been covered by media including The Economist, New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, The Atlantic, Wired, Foreign Policy, Die Zeit, The Times of London, The Guardian, Geo Magazine, Nikkei, The Korean Herald, China Business News and more.


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