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Guide to Running Popup Studios, Personal Edition

Guide to Running Popup Studios, Personal Edition

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If you could create the perfect creative studio space what would it look like? Where would it be? And who would be there alongside you? 

This guide explores the art and science of repurposing spaces for creative output. Over the past ten years the team has gained extensive experience at running international projects for multinational corporate, non-profit and socially driven organisations. We’ve built a comprehensive understanding what it takes to create an optimal space for gathering data, drawing insight, and applying the knowledge to guide strategy, and the design of new products and services.

A pop-up studio is a live/work space that is optimised for teams working to a shared goal. It is highly suited to international research, design and innovation projects that require rapid immersion into new consumer segments, and considerable iteration on ideas and designs.

The approach is particularly affective at bridging interpersonal and cultural divides on multi-national teams from very different backgrounds, building trust with the locals, and is affective at elevating the creativity and productivity of individuals and the team.

This guide explains how to run a pop-up studio, when and why it is appropriate, the trade-offs that need to be understood, with plenty of examples from around the globe.

There are two editions: 

The approach has been applied to a variety of commercial (and confidential) projects. For a more public example take a look at the Myanmar Money Project.

This guide is published by Studio D Radiodurans. The pop-up studio approach is one of more than 40 that are documented in The Field Study Handbook.


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