Photography in the Paradigm Shift Masterclass

Field research photography can deliver the highest return on investment of any data type, to generate engagement, build empathy, and aid understanding of project deliverables. 

However, with Generative AI and advances in computational photography we are now entering a paradigm shift in how photos are generated, managed, shared and consumed. In addition, in the often frenetic pace of corporate field research, photography often overwhelms the team, resulting in an unbalanced photo archive, and poor quality assets that have limited veracity, and are decontextualised to the point where their value falls far short of their potential.

This masterclass will unpack the fundamentals of what makes research photography uniquely compelling to engage audiences, walk through the Studio D process to deliver a photo archive that will flutter hearts and engage minds, and set up principles to help you elegantly navigate the coming paradigm shift.

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    We will systematically unpack:

    • the unique strengths of research photography compared to other data types,
    • how to Identify the optimal photo assets for a given research topic,
    • the role of photography plays in different types of research deliverables,
    • how to engage all team members in photographic asset collection, to raise and maintain the quality of your team's photography,
    • respect for research participant and photographic subject privacy, including both moral and legal consent,
    • when and how to appropriately take photography beyond the organisation’s research norms,
    • principles for effective photographic asset generation, and,
    • whether, and how to manage generative Ai “photographs” in research deliverables.
    Research Photography—what we'll cover



            Practical outcomes include:

            • understanding the Studio D photography process,
            • how to effectively engage all members of the team to collect and manage strong, relevant photographic assets,
            • up-skilling team members,
            • decoding situations for photographic storytelling, information transfer, and to communicate the tonality and ethical stance of the team.
            • effectively managing the trade-offs between photography and other data gathering activities,
            • an actionable set of principles to navigate the Generative AI and computational photography paradigm shift.

            A digital certificate of course completion is available on request. 


            WHO IS THIS FOR?

            Practitioners responsible for photographic data collection—from trained researchers to other roles with lighter field research exposure.

            Research managers, whose teams collect field research data.

            Comms specialists responsible for research dissemination.

            We also consider this an exemplar for practitioners looking to understand how the navigate the AI paradigm shift, regardless of your background or role.

            ABOUT YOUR HOST

            The Masterclass is run by Studio D founder Jan Chipchase. Previously Jan built the global insights practice at frog design, and at Nokia he became Principal Scientist aided by the strength of his photography to support effective research communication.

            His research and photography has appeared in The Economist, New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, The Atlantic, Wired, Foreign Policy, Die Zeit, The Times of London, The Guardian, Geo Magazine, Nikkei, The Korean Herald, China Business News and more. 

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